23 Sports provides solutions for youth sports clubs with leading technology solutions to help efficiently organize, maintain and their organization. Our web-based solution will enable beneficial both money and time savings for your club.

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Our easy to use user interface makes team assignments, registration and internal content management a breeze.
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What we offer to you...

Player Registration

This module will provide the means to manage a family and all the players. It will allow them to sign up for any events / seasons that they are eligible for as well as get notified of upcoming events. A family can have a personalized calendar of their events. When registering a player can make special requests or indicate special needs or schedule desires / limitations.

Player Management

This is the management of players for placement onto teams, and then communication to those teams.

Club Event Scheduling & Management

This module provides scheduling for any type of “club event” whether it is a season, a soccer camp, academy session or a tournament. It can do field management, conflict resolution and more.

Web Mail & Promotion

Mailboxes for coaches & club officials, sending out of notifications for cancellations, changes in schedule, or certain event or club promotions.

League Field Schedule Manager

This module provides the means for a league to manage dates for games across multiple organizations each having control of their home fields, but soliciting requests and input from other sources.

Content Management

Websites need to provide news updates and event information and this is usually thru a content management technology.


This module provides a calendar that can be used per community.

Message Board & Blogs

These modules provide a message board and blogging functionality

RSS Reader

This module enables the inclusion of external news feeds into any given site.


The community features will be used so that subsections of a site can be created from a group of portlets. This can enable private groups, or public groups, require authentication or not. Usages will be for Age Group Coordinators, and Teams (mostly travel teams)